Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 Archives Cubs

We are now in year three of Topps Archives, aka Heritage Light.

While Heritage dedicates itself to just one year form the past and only active players, Archives includes designs from several different years and has both active and retired players.  Archives is also a smaller set, with only 250 cards compared to Heritage's 500 card checklist.

Seven Cubs made the 2014 Archives checklist, four active and three retired.



Here's the active players.  Topps continues to put out cards of Kyuji Fujikawa despite the fact that it has been quite a while since he's pitched anywhere.  His Tommy John surgery was just about one year ago.  Junior Lake is also a bit of a head-scratcher.  He's been in several products this season.  Topps was hoping he would be a breakout player this year after a promising start last year.  I was hoping for the same thing.  I'm disappointed.  Is Topps?

Including Castro and Rizzo was expected.....same old same old.

Now on to the retired players...


Two hall of famers and... hall of shamer.  Sammy hasn't been seen in too may products the past couple years. so his inclusion was a bit of a surprise.  In fact, a quick search over at Beckett shows that this is his first full-release Topps card since he had a card in Heritage in 2008.

Topps made some interesting photo choices with these cards...more on that tomorrow.


  1. The blue lettering on the 1986 Topps looks weird. I wish they had kept red for the Cubs the original set had.

  2. I agree. Sticking with the red lettering would have been better.

    I really like that '89 Rizzo card. Sweet looking picture and you can even seen his name on the bat. I'll have to track me down one!

  3. The Cubs have hinted about accepting Sammy back into the fold. I'm agin' it. Where do you stand?

    1. I'd be ok with it if he apologizes for leave the team during the last game of the 2004 season (might happen) and for taking steroids (will never happen).

  4. I like the blue lettering on the 86 cards. I switched to blue as well for 2012 Quarry Unlimited. It just seems more "Cubby."