Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Outlier From 1941

I'm just about finished with my run of scorecards from 1949 - 2014, but I also have an outlier.

I kinda forgot about it because its not in my binder in the front with the other.  Instead, its in the back...for a couple reasons.

Here's the card...a 1941 scorecard.  This was given to me a few years ago by a friend of a friend.  He knew I was a Cubs fan and had some stuff from his grandpa laying around.  This came to me.

Reason #1 for the card being in the back is that it is from 1941 and my cards start with 1949.  I can't stand to have such a gap, so I moved it to the back.

Reason #2 is that this is not so much a scorecard  as it is a scorebook.  All of my other scorecards are the four page on heavy card stock cards.  But this is actually a 15 page book with the scorecard stapled into the middle.  It is also smaller than all my other scorecards. This comes in at 6" x 9" while the Cubs scorecards I know are 8.5" x 11".

The pages in the book are all ads for Cubs vendors  or for the Cubs themselves.  There's only one page of pictures of the players, otherwise its all ads.

The actual scorecard is even tinier.  Though its on a card that is 9" x 12", the actual area for scoring is only 5" x 6.5".   I don't know how you could keep a neat scorecard with this tiny thing.   The modern card is much easier to work with.

Let's go ahead and take a look at the pages in the book:

If you look again at both the cover and back page, you may have notices some scribbling in pencil.  I didn't notice it right away when I got the book, but when I did look it  More on that tomorrow.


  1. Lessee. should I start Mize or Musial today.....tough choice....

  2. That ad for the John Ricketts restaurant and bar on the score card, any relation to the current Ricketts?

    And good thing those scribblings are in pencil so you can erase those Cardinals right off... :)

  3. Sept 27 or 28? You have a bit of a treasure there. As Charlie Brown might say, "I can't stand it."