Monday, June 30, 2014

Cubs 1950 Scorecard

I was able to pick up a 1950 scorecard and fill in the hole in my collection.  My run now goes uninterrupted from 1949 to 2014.

The cover is another Otis Shepard beauty.  Unlike some of his later covers, this one actually shows a baseball player.  The directive from above must have been to showcase the action on the field.  In later years, when the product on the field wasn't very good, the covers highlighted a fun day at beautiful Wrigley Field.

This scorecard was unscored,  though the starting lineup was pre-printed by the Cubs.  Based on the advertising in the card for upcoming games, this was probably from Friday, August 19.  Only 3,823 people showed up on a rainy day at Wrigley to see the Pirates beat the Cubs 9-3.

Now that I've got no holes in my collection, I've been thinking about what to do next.  My initial thought was to start going backwards and see how far I could afford to get.  When I started looking at scorecards from the '40s I realized that they were not like the four-page cards in my collection.  Most were smaller, 12-page booklets like my 1941 program.  

I found that the first 4 page large card was used in 1948.  With that knowledge, I've decided that 1948 would be the starting point for me.  I'll end up with the complete run of Cubs full sized, four page scorecards.

The 66 cards that I have right now make a nice 6 x 11 tile....

When I add number 67, I'm not sure how I'll make that tile.  A prime number, 67 doesn't give me much to work with.


  1. Congratulations, that's an impressive accomplishment. Man, I love those Otis Shepard covers....

  2. Those are pretty awesome. It's especially true that Old Style is the official beer of the Cubs -- no matter what the 2014 Budweiser sponsorship says.

  3. The Cubs never had much but those program covers were simply magnificent.