Monday, June 16, 2014

Two Tier Ones

Welcome to another edition of "Cherry-Picking From the Overpriced Rich Guy Sets."

Today I've got two cards from the 2014 edition of Tier One, the set that is all hits, all the time.  No base cards with this one, just the good stuff.

And even better, I can pick these up dirt cheap.  I'll let some else pay the list price of a hundred bucks for three cards.

Two of the Cubs in my player collections were on the relic checklist, so I grabbed both.

Andre Dawson's card has a nice pinstriped piece of jersey.  It's always nice to see a blue stripe running down the card.  There are 399 copies of this card out there.  And the price for a jersey and /399 card....$1.82

Billy William's card comes with a slice of a bat and a swinging Billy from 1970 or 1971.  Billy's bat card is a bit hard to come by, with only 299 made.  With only 299 of the card, I had to pay more for this than I did for the Dawson.  Billy set me back $3.26.

Again, thank you to those who roll the dice and pay $100 for three cards...I appreciate the chance to pick up your scraps at bargain prices.


  1. I'm with you on these sets. I splurged on a Museum Collection box, and I have regretted it since. I'll feed off these other guys who crack the boxes, thanks.

  2. Amazing how little they're going for, especially Hall of Famers. I would expect a base version of a serial numbered card to go for more let alone a relic. Great for you.