Monday, June 2, 2014

Jose on a Bike

This is so Jose Cardenal...

This picture was on Uniwatch last Friday.


It's from 1975 and it shows Jose Cardenal riding an old fashioned high-wheeler. Rick Monday is in the background paying no attention to Jose.

It makes sense that the player that sported a fro like these...

...would be the player riding the bike.

But why? Why was Jose on the bike?

Actually, it turns out it was for a good cause.


The date of the article is May 17, 1975. You can see that he's riding the bike to promote a Cancer Society bike-a-thon. Good for you, Jose.

You can also see that the article calls Jose the #2 hot dog in the National League. I'm sure that would have ticked off the little man. In his big head, with the big fro, he was the #1 hot dog.



  1. Add another item to the bucket list... must... ride... insanely... large... bike!

  2. ...but make sure your insurance is up to date!