Wednesday, January 20, 2021

1988 Topps UK Cubs

 I showed the 2020 Topps UK set a few weeks ago.  Last year wasn't Topps' only venture across the pond.  They also made sets for the UK in 1988 and 1989.  Today I've got the 1988 Cubs.

The UK set was called "American Baseball."  Real creative, right??  The set has a checklist of 88 players, so it was just the big names.  They did not include any 1988 versions of Robel Garcia.

The cards' design was unique to the set, unlike the flagship lookalikes with 2020 UK.  Topps did make one major change as the card size was shrunk from the standard size to 2¼" x 3".

There are just three Cubs in the set, though Topps did pick the three biggest names on the team in 1988.

The blue border works well with for the Cubs.

I've read that the cards were also made available to US dealers.  They aren't very scarce because of that and most can be found on Sportlots for 18¢ each.

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