Friday, January 8, 2021

Happening Hairdos Fixed

 The Super 70's set has an insert set called Happening Hairdos.  As soon as I saw that, I thought that there is one Cub that would be perfect for that set.  Think 1970s Cubs and hairdos and you may think of the same person.

Topps did not.  They thought of Bruce Sutter.  I don't see anything that I would consider "Happening" with Sutter's hair.

I made a card for the player that I, along with any Cub fan from the 1970s, thought of.

Jose's afro was super-happening!  How is it that he wasn't a part of the set?


  1. The set doesn't even have Oscar Gamble! That's beyond insane.

  2. Because Topps can produce cards only of the retired players they have under contract. This ties their hands tremendously.