Friday, January 29, 2021

2012 Barney Heritage SSP Listings

Heritage 2012 included this SSP error card of Darwin Barney.  His position is missing, which mimics the same mistake made on the 1963 card of Cubs second baseman Ken Hubbs. 

I've been tracking eBay listings and sales of the card for almost nine years now.  I was curious as to just how rare the card is.  I tracked 38 listings within the first two years after its release.  Since then, the listings have dwindled and there hadn't been on eBay since September of 2018.

Oddly, after 29 months of silence, two were listed within the past few weeks.

This listing ended on January 17 and sold for the opening bid of $199.    That's a pretty steep price, but I guess if someone really wanted the card, and it's been unavailable for so long, you pay what you have to.

A day after the sale ended, a second card was listed.

Maybe this seller saw the previous sale and decided to try to cash in.  This listing was ended a day after it was first posted and sold for the listed price of $175.

I track the sale prices of these cards too.  The two January, 2021 sales were much higher than most previous sales and boosted the price average.  I've got 46 different card sales and the average price is $98.51.  The highest is $200 while the lowest sale was for just $24, and I was the one who got it at that price!

It will be interesting to see if any more show up or if there will be another 29 month hiatus.

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