Thursday, January 7, 2021

Super 70's Sports Cubs

 Topps partnered with the Twitter site Super 70's Sports to create an online set called Super 70's Sports.  The set consists of a combination of 90 current and retired players.

The design of the cards used elements from the last three sets of the 1970's

They took to pennant  from 1977, the team name from 1978, and the ribbon from 1979 to create...

... the 2020 Super 70s Sports card.

The Cubs did quite well in the set, with six of the 90 cards, which is double the number if Topps decided to divide the cards evenly among the 30 teams.  There are four retired Cubs and two active.



The inclusion of two of these in a set called Super 70's is a bit confusing.  Ernie Banks played just 111 games in the 70's, which is 4% of his total games played.  He's belong in a Super 60's set.  And Ryno?  He was still in the low minors in the 1970s, making his MLB debut in 1981.  

Jenkins and Kingman make much more sense.  And how about a Jose Cardenal or Bill Buckner instead of Banks and Jenkins?


The selection of current Cubs, Rizzo and Baez, are no surprise.


  1. The borrowed design elements actually work quite well together! I never knew this set existed before now, and I'll need to see how the Red Sox look!

  2. Hey, the Cubs did well with four guys who actually played in the 70s, even if Banks was at the very end of his career. The Mets have only one player who played with them in the 70s and two who were 80s guys.

  3. You could also make a case that the colored border around the photo comes from 1976.

  4. Got the Tigers cards on the way. I would've loved a Don Kessinger card.

  5. Yeah, I wish they would have stuck to players of that particular decade. I mean they could have an 80's set and that's where Sandberg really belongs. But, I guess there's no Twitter account for that? LOL
    On the plus side, I really like the overall design.

  6. Kudos to Topps for their creativity on pulling elements from those late 70's sets. The design isn't perfect, but it's pretty good. But like everyone has pointed out... they dropped the ball on the inclusion of guys who never played in the 70's.