Thursday, January 21, 2021

1989 Topps UK Cubs

Topps brought baseball back to Britain again in 1989.  Many of the 1988 features returned. The set has 88 cards and the cards are 2¼" x 3".  

The standard catalogue give the price of a pack of five cards and a stick of gum -- 12 pence. That information send me on a deep dive.

I wanted to know what that price was like compared to the US prices.  In June of 1989, £1 was worth about $1.55.  That means 12 pence was worth 19¢.  The Brits were paying the equivalent of 19¢ for five cards (3.8¢ per card) and a stick of gum.  In the US, a 1989 pack of Topps cards was 45¢ and that got you 15 cards (3¢ per card) and a stick of gum.  So in the US, you'd get more cards for your money but less gum.  I will always trade more cards for less gum!

The set included just two Cubs this time, though both are Hall of Famers.


That's a pretty boring design.  The team name is really small. 

This was it for Topps UK for the next 31 years.


  1. I like these. Simple, but colorful. Although I'm sure the (smaller than standard) size bothers some... I'm okay it. The backs are solid too.

  2. I had to check. I don't have the 3 Braves from 1989, I'll go get them now.