Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Second BallStreet Journal Cubs Sheet

 I posted a picture of a sheet of Ballstreet Journal Cubs cards that reader Chad sent me nearly a month ago.  We soon discovered what magazine the sheet was inserted into (Cubs Quarterly) and that there was a second sheet.

The day the second sheet was discovered I found a copy of the Cubs Quarterly on eBay and bought it.  I figured that I'd have the cards by Christmas.  The seller had other ideas.

A message from the seller came a few days later.  

"Dear customer, 

 Congratulations on your purchase. Unfortunately, My mother has been remodeling the home and has seem to misplace everything including the magazine. I will notify you with any updates on the situation. If I cannot find it, I will be refunding your money immediately. Thank you for your patients."

Does the seller's English seem a little off?  I had a bad feeling about how this would turn out.  After waiting a few days with no update from the seller, I requested a refund.  Fortunately, it came immediately.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the magazine or the cards.

I had to break down and by a more expensive copy.  It was worth the extra expense  because it arrived quickly.

Here's the sheet with the nine cards.  

An ad for the journal was in the magazine next to the cards.

I spent some time looking at eBay listings of 1992 game programs for the White Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, and Indians to see if they too had cards.  None of the programs listed mentioned a sheet of cards.  Were the Cubs the only team that Ballstreet advertised with?

I'm leaving the full sheet intact, so you'll have to settle for virtual copies of the individual cards.





Next week I'll get to the Ballstreet Cubs cards that were included in their journals and are the much more known to the hobby.

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