Monday, January 18, 2021

1990 Ban Dai Sport Stars Coins

Here's an oddball set put out in 1990 by Ban Dai.  The set consists of 50 brass coins.  The coins are pretty large for coins, about 1¾" inches in diameter.  Ban Dai went big, getting a license from both MLB and the players.

There's the checklist on the back of the package.  You can see how many you'll need to get your team's set.  I had four Cubs to chase and it was not too difficult.

Notice the Cubs logo on the hat and the coin.  They wanted to get their money's worth with the license.


  1. I think the likeness for the first three is there, but I'm struggling to see Mitch Williams. Some flowing locks out the back would help!

  2. These kind of remind me of coins you'd find with a Kenner Starting Lineup. I'm off to look for a Gwynn and Rickey for my PC.