Friday, January 15, 2021

The Sports Report

 Today's cards are somewhat of a continuation of yesterday's Investor's Journal cards.

The publishers of The Investor's Journal, D&B Publications, released a prototype of another price guide in June of 1992.  This one they called The Sports Report.  It has a similar look to The Investor's Journal and included two sheets of nine cards each. There was a Cub among the eighteen.

Look, it's Ryne Sandberg, again!

The first issue came out some time in late 1992.  The cover mentions Larry Bird's retirement, which he announced in August, 1992.  The publisher was changed, from D&B to MCS Publications.  The second edition is titled "Spring," so it must have come out some time in early to mid 1993.  

Cards were included in each of the two editions.  They have two sheets of nine cards, giving the set a total of 36 cards.  The lone Cub was?

What a shock... it's Ryne Sandberg, once again!

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