Tuesday, January 19, 2021

1992 Sport Stars Coins

 The big brass coins returned two year after their initial release, though there were some changes.

The 1990 set was put out by a company called Ban Dai.  The 1992 release came from a different company, Diamond Promotions.  

It looks like Diamond bought out the remaining stock of the 1990 coins and repackaged them.

It must have been somewhat of a success for them because in 1992 they put out their own set.  They use the same dies as Ban Dai with a couple modifications.  Diamond didn't obtain a license from MLB, so the team logos were removed.  A player's association logo was added. 

Coins were sold in eight-coin packs

These are the three different sets from series one.

You could also buy the complete set.  I've not found any 8-packs labeled as series two, so I wonder if they gave up on the packs and went with the complete set instead.

The number of coins in the set remained at 50.  The checklist changed a bit, as twelve players on the 1990 list were replaced by someone else in 1992.  One of those was Mitch Williams.  No new Cubs were added, so I needed just three coins for a Cubs team set.

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  1. These are great. It still amazes me that there's so much stuff from that era it's still possible for me to have not heard of some of it. Maybe I'll pick up a few Pirates and Phillies.