Wednesday, January 13, 2021

1994 All-Time Heroes of Baseball Cubs +1

 I picked up the 1993 All-Time Heroes of Baseball way back in 2013.  It was an interesting set with trifold cards and an inclusion of Cubs players not usually seen in sets like this.  Normally I collect all the Cubs cards from all the years of a brand.  In 2013 I assumed that I had done that.  I had no idea that there was a 1994 version.

I got the idea of the 1994 set when reader Chad sent me this card of Hack Wilson.  It was off to TCDB for the team checklist and Sportlots for the cards.  There were seven Cubs cards to get.  They were easy to get from a single dealer.


These are the regular cards.  There are also a couple of subsets that include some Cubs.

These show some players from the 1993 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball game.  The game was held in Baltimore the day before the All Star game.  Notice that the players are wearing hats with the All-Time Heroes logo.  Kingman is wearing a uniform that he never wore with the Cubs.  He should have been wearing the white pinstriped pajama uniform from the late '70s.  Madlock is in a Pirates uniform buy the headshot shows him with the Cubs.  Since there is no team designation on the cards, the headshot gets him into my Cubs collection.

The cards came in during MLB's 125th anniversary season.  This subset recognizes various significant seasons.  Hack Wilson's 1930 season was one for the record books.  Again, no team designations are on these, but since Wilson is prominently shown, it goes to the Cubs.

Now for the +1 mentioned in the title. As I was looking over the set checklist, I saw that Ron Santo had a card but he wasn't on the Cubs checklist.  That's odd, I thought, so I found a picture of the card.

Upper Deck put Santo on the White Sox.  Horrors!  But the insert shows him with the Cubs.  I decided to go ahead and get the Santo card and pretend that its a Cubs card.

The 1994 set was the last for the brand.  I double and triple-checked.  So now I am done with it!


  1. Well ... you're done if you don't want to collect all the dumb stamped parallels.

    UD loved to throw rival teams together on one card. Charming.