Saturday, January 23, 2021

2000 Cubs Quarterly #2 Cubs Cards

Here's the cover of issue #2 of the Cubs Quarterly in 2000.  The upper left hand corner has the same announcement of Free Cubs Baseball Cards included.

The second set has one major difference.  This time the full sheet of nine cards was not perforated.  I normally leave full sheets like this intact.  However, since I already punched out the perforated cards from issue #1, I was committed to having cards not sheets.  I had to get out the scissors and carefully cut out the cards.

Here's a look at the second group of nine:





This set didn't feature any of the big names on the team, although I'm happy to have another card of Billy Williams!


  1. Jeez - you have me going back through all of my cubs programs now to find what I have missed. I did find this one - nice!

  2. Pretty cool find. I love that cover of Grace.

  3. Oh man, I purchased a couple uncut sheets of these from Wrigley Field's "garage sale" in the summer of 2006. I've never been able to figure out what the heck they were or where they came from - I just thought they were some forgotten SGA. Thank you for solving this decade and a half long mystery!