Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2016 South Bend Cubs Team Set

 We move to year #2 of the South Bend Cubs.  The 2016 season was a really good one for the Chicago Cubs.  The South Bend Cubs did pretty well, too, finishing 84-55 and in second place in the Eastern Division. The playoffs didn't go as well as they did for the big club as South Bend lost 1-2 to the West Michigan Whitecaps in the opening round.

The card set was again made by Choice SportCards and is made up of 35 cards.  Four belong to staff members and the other 31 are players. The players cards are all numbered in alphabetical order except for card number 1.  They gave that card to the teams top prospect, who would then have been the card on the top of the pack.  That card belongs to...

...  a member of the White Sox, Eloy Jimenez.  He's not the only player in the set to reach the major leagues.

There is also Pedro Araujo, who was with the Orioles in 2018 and 2019...


... and a couple of guys who actually played for the Chicago Cubs.

The rest of the cards feature guys you most likely have never heard of.

















  1. Lots of high pitching draft picks on this roster... Sands, Morrison, Kellogg, Steele... it's a shame it doesn't look like any of them are going to pan out.
    FYI, my friends and I refer to pitching coach David Rosario as Stone Face. He never seems to smile on the baseball field.