Thursday, December 31, 2020

2021 Cubs Calendar

I wrote and scheduled this post a week ago.  It is already out of date since the Cubs traded Yu Darvish on Tuesday.

 Tonight we say good bye and good riddance to 2020.  It is a year I'd very much like to forget. I'll happily put the 2020 calendar away and get out the new one.

Hanging in the WW World Headquarters is my new 2021 Cubs calendar.  It is again put out by Turner Licensing and features a different Cubs player each month.  Turner has an early print deadline and often ends up featuring players no longer with the team.  During the rebuild there were at least half the players gone from the time by the start of the calendar year.  That changed when the team got good and there were a couple of years that had all twelve players still on the roster.

This year has just one no longer with the Cubs...

... though it is possible that he could return.

The other eleven are all still on the 40-man roster.  As you look through them, see if you can figure out the big name, on the roster, but not included in the calendar.

So where is Anthony Rizzo??  It is a very odd decision to leave him out.