Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ballstreet Update - Another Sheet

 Yesterday I showed this sheet of nine cards from Ballstreet Journal

It was sent to me by reader Chad, who said he found it in a magazine he was going to toss out.  The magazine wouldn't have been the Ballstreet Journal, since the sheet is letter sized  but the journal was smaller.  Sheets like this are not listed on eBay nor were there any in the completed or sold listings.  It is quite a mystery.

I also mentioned how odd it was that Mark Grace wasn't included.  He was a pretty big star.  I also should have brought up the lack of a card for Andre Dawson.

An email yesterday from another reader, Kevin, helped cleared up that question.  Take a look at the picture he sent me.

There is a second Ballstreet Journal sheet out there!  This one includes both Grace and Dawson, along with several other Cubs not on my sheet.  Grace and Dawson weren't on my sheet because they were on a different one..  

Kevin said he had no idea that there was another sheet out there (mine) while I obviously had no idea his existed.  That means we each are on the hunt for another sheet.

There are still several unanswered questions...

Are there any more of these sheets for the Cubs?

Are there sheets for other teams?

How were the sheets distributed?

I've got questions but no answers.  Anyone out there got some answers??


  1. Check out an August 1992 Cubs Quarterly. I have the same sheet that you have and mine came out of a CQ with Maddux and Morgan on the cover.

    1. Looks like the other one comes from June-July 1992.

    2. Yes, I've been digging around ebay and found it too... and already bought one of the magazines.  Hopefully the cards are still inside. Thanks for the tip.  I'll be posting an update tomorrow.

    3. Thank you Chad!!!! Just purchased.

    4. Congratulations on completing the team set.