Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Other 2015 Cubs

 Wrigley Field is 147 miles from my home is southwest Michigan according to Google Maps.  Yet I can get in the car and drive to a Cubs home game in less than an hour.  And I can do it legally, without speeding.

How, you ask?

By driving to South Bend to see the South Bend Cubs.

The Cubs began their affiliation with the South Bend team in 2015.  The former Silver Hawks became the Cubs.  I've been to several games in South Bend and recently I decided I'd try to get all the South Bend Cubs team sets.

There has been a team set for each of their years with the Cubs.  Choice Sportscards has made all of the sets.  There are usually 25-30 player cards and 4-5 for the staff. 

It was fairly easy to get the cards with the exception of the 2015 set.  One of those players became a major prospect and most of the team sets were snapped up for that one card.  And who is it?

Current Yankee Gleyber Torres.

Torres isn't the only player in the set to have made it to the big leagues.

David Bote was also with the 2015 South Bend Cubs and he's been with the big club since 2018.  The rest of the players in the set are either still working their way up or are out of baseball.  Take a look at them and see if you recognize any of the names.
















  1. Bunch of guys there who I once had high hopes are in this set, including Trevor Clifton, Trey Martin, Chesney Young, Jason Vosler and Jake Stinnett. I think I saw Vosler's name recently. I think Vosler is the only one worth following right now, as he had a pretty fair AAA season for the Padres in 2019.

  2. I'm only 11.4 miles from Four Winds Field but I haven't been there in years. Every year I say I need to go but I never do. Partly because none of my family or friends like baseball. I tell myself to at least pick up their minor league sets and I never do that either.

    I did use to go a lot more when they were the South Bend White Sox but that was 30 years ago. Geez, I'm old.