Monday, December 21, 2020

1994 Leaf Limited Cubs

 The next Cubs team set sent to my by generous reader Chad is 1994 Leaf Limited.  It was Leaf's entry into the super-premium market.  According to the Standard Catalog, the set was limited (hence the name) to 3,000 20-box cases.

Let's do some math... 3,000 20-box cases makes 60,000 boxes.  Each box has 20 cards, making a total of 1,2000,000 cards.  Divide the 1.2 million cards among 160 cards in the set and you get 7,500 of each card.  Most of these "Limited" cards can be picked up for 18¢ each at Sportlots.  That doesn't seem very limited to me!

The cards were printed on a heavy card stock and have shiny silver fronts.  The shiny silver didn't scan very well and looks black on the scans.

This set will most likely be my only Limited set for a while.  Later releases started getting gimmicky with short prints and the cards have over-inflated prices. I've got better things to chase.

There are seven Cubs in the set.  I'm guessing the release date was later in the summer because there is no card for Ryne Sandberg.  He retired in mid-June of 1994.

The scans also obliterated the names, so we have...

Shawon Dunston                                   Kevin Foster

Mark Grace                                      Derrick May

Sammy Sosa                          Steve Trachsel

Rick Wilkins

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  1. I wanted to buy these packs back in the day, but they were too expensive for my budget. By the way... I think the math is a little off:

    3,000 x 20 box cases = 60,000 boxes
    1 box = 20 packs x 5 cards per pack = 100 cards
    60,000 boxes x 100 cards per box = 6,000,000 cards
    6,000,000 cards - 180,000 Gold All-Stars = 5,820,000
    5,820,000/160 base cards = 36,375 copies of each card

    There are 18 Gold All-Stars and each is numbered to 10,000.