Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Last 1979 Wiffle Disc!

 In the spring I was on an MSA disc binge and picked up lots of the easy one.  The remaining have not been easy at all.  Some I've never seen.  Others pop up every so often.

At the start I had just one of the five 1979 Wiffle discs.  I've been slowly chipping away and was down to needing just one more, Dave Kingman.

Now I'm done!  This one came on a box that was printed with several others.  I like getting the boxes because I get to do the cutting of the disc.  I try to leave a border around the dotted lines. This one turned out looking pretty good.  The picture on the disc is pretty rare, too --- Kingman is smiling instead of brooding.

Below is the complete Cubs set!