Friday, December 11, 2020

2018 South Bend Cubs

 Things went a bit south for the South Bend Cubs.  They finished 64-74, fifth place overall in their division.  The post-season didn't happen either.

The team went south, but the team set went north.  It was the biggest we've had yet, coming in at 37 cards.

This was new - a header card with a checklist on the back.


We got mascots for the first time too.  Swoop is left over from the Silver Hawks days.  They changed the team name but kept the old mascot.

None of the players in the set have made it to the majors yet. That is not too unreasonable.  You don't often see guys make the leap from A to the majors in two years.  The fact that there were no minor league games this summer didn't help anyone's chances, either.

Nelson Valezquez was given card #1 in the set, meaning his was visible on the top of the pack.  In November, 2017, Baseball America listed him as the Cubs #10 prospect.  Two other players in the set were listed higher than Valezquez, so it seems like an odd choice.  He hit just .188 with South Bend and was sent to the Rookie League for most of the 2018 season.  

The rest of the team and coaching staff are below.


















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